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The Slate Roof and Its Longevity Can’t Be Beat: Is This Big Investment Right for You?

Slate roofs continue to increase in popularity because of their beautiful appearance and solid durability. When you’re home needs a new roof, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is the type of roofing material to install on the new structure. There are a few factors to consider to determine if a slate roof is the right choice due to its longevity.

How Long Do Slate Roofs Last?

Slate roofs are known to be the most durable and long-lasting due to the density of each tile. Slate is made of natural stone and can last an average of 75 to 200 years before it begins to wear down. Soft slate can last an average of 50 to 125 years if it’s maintained well. Because slate can last more than 100 years, it’s not the best material to install if you don’t plan to be in your current residence long-term.

Although the material costs more than asphalt shingles or clay tiles, you never have to worry about replacing the roof during your lifetime, which can offer peace of mind as a homeowner. Slate also increases the value of the home due to its quality, which can allow you to get more out of your investment.

Installing Slate on Older Homes

Due to the heavy weight of slate, it can require hiring professional roofers who are trained in installing this type of material. A square foot of slate has an average weight of 800 to 1,000 pounds, compared to asphalt shingles that have an average weight of 250 pounds per square foot. If you live in an older or historic building, you may need to have reinforcements to support the weight of the tiles. It typically takes an average of six to seven days to install slate tiles. Copper roofing nails are used to secure slate tiles to the roof deck and prevent them from sliding off easily.

Enhance Your Curb Appeal

One of the main benefits of installing a slate roof is you can have a structure you can feel proud to show off in the neighborhood. Slate roofs have a beautiful, natural appearance to complement the style of your home. The tiles are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures, which makes them more versatile. You can create a specific look on your roof that pairs beautifully with the look of the exterior of the building.

The Cost of Slate Roofs

When you’re planning to install a new roof, the cost varies depending on the type of material you plan to use. Slate tiles are an average of $20 per square foot because the material costs more to manufacture and purchase. The specialized process of installing this type of material requires hiring local experts instead of using any type of roofer to complete the project.

Durability and Longevity

Another advantage of installing slate tiles on your roof is having a structure that is more durable and offers a higher level of protection. Due to the density of slate, it’s ideal to use in different types of climates and doesn’t become damaged easily when it’s exposed to the elements. This means there’s a lower risk of damage that can occur to the materials on the house and the personal belongings that are stored inside. The stone isn’t susceptible to moisture due to its density. This means you don’t have to worry about mildew forming during the colder seasons or in rainy climates.

Slate also isn’t damaged by hail that is smaller than four inches, making it an ideal material to install in cold climates. It also holds up well to high winds and low temperatures without wearing down. The material is also fireproof to reduce the risk of damage to the building.

Along with the durability that slate offers, it can also be easy to maintain when it’s backed by a warranty that is provided by the manufacturer and your roofer. You don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on maintenance or repairs due to how much more durable it is than other roofing materials in the industry.

Once you learn the different benefits that slate tiles offer, it can allow you to determine if it’s the right material to install on your new roof. Whether your current roof is failing, or you’re building a new home, slate is an excellent material to consider that is guaranteed to offer long-term protection.

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