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Tips for Maximizing the Lifespan of Your Roof

  • Stay current with maintenance. This includes getting an inspection done at least once every year and following any severe weather-related events.

  • Make sure you respond to the need for roof repairs immediately. The sooner you get them, the better. Repair needs that are neglected can quickly develop into much more serious problems. In fact, fail to take care of repairs in a timely manner and you could end up stuck with the need to replace your roof, long before it should be time.

  • Set yourself up for success by making it a point to only work with true industry experts, from the installation to the replacement. Too many homeowners think they that hiring cheap and unqualified roofers is not a big deal. Yet this can prove to be a very costly mistake down the road.

  • Make sure you have sufficient insulation. Not only does a lack of quality insulation cost you more money each month in heating and cooling costs, it can lead to ice dams forming on your roof.

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